How to Protect Your MacBook Pro and Air from Damage and Scratches?

How to Protect Your MacBook Pro and Air from Damage and Scratches?

When you buy a costly laptop especially MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you wouldn’t love to see it from damages or scratches. Shielding your laptop from damages will certainly not only guarantee a product lengthy lifetime, yet it will keep your data secure. Have a sleek, cutting-edge and stylish MacBook sleeve then to provide protection and companion would be a perfect solution. But what to consider when choosing a laptop sleeve/bag?

  • Strong protection and good quality

The wear-resistant and waterproof fabric is a must-have for a MacBook Air and Pro so it helps protect your laptop cover. The thick plush lining and padding on the inside would help hold your laptop and get it less damaged once dropping. Also a soft protective ridge around the zipper offering makes the bag durable.

Make sure the 4 corner armors at each corner are applied to offer edge better defense efficiency, especially when it meets Military drop-test Standard (MIL-STD-810H: 2019), it guarantees an enhanced shock protection from accidental drops and bumps.

  • Enough storage space for MacBook accessories

A sound Macbook sleeve will not only get you a space for a laptop, and also a front accessory zippered pocket for an iPad, or other essentials like a charger, pencil, cable, computer mouse, hub, AirPods, etc. It helps your device storage and collection go even further.

Besides, laptop sleeves from different brands are of slightly different size. Check carefully from the product description before make purchase.