About tomtoc

tomtoc is an innovative, tech-savvy, and fashionable design-driven brand dedicated to protecting your digital gear. We are committed to building products with the customer in mind, under the umbrella of high quality, functionality, protectiveness and custom made for the perfect fit. You can protect the tech you rely on and enhance a happy digital life on the go with tomtoc.

Founded in 2016, tomtoc has been widely favored by users and a lot of authoritative and influential media all over the world. Our Versatile Laptop Sleeve & Shoulder Bag Series were dubbed "Our Favorite Laptop Bag" by Wirecutter. Our Nintendo Switch devices slim cases were named "The Best Slim Case for Nintendo Switch Console" by Wirecutter and won the iMore Choice Prize.

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lnspired By Apple For Serving Pro Users

Founded in 2016 by a group of enthusiastic tech-heads, consistently, we've been committed to designing according to the scenario needs of Apple users + Pro gamers, keeping up with the latest trends, and making unique and best protective products which cannot be found on the market.

We admire the operating logic of Silicon Valley Internet companies and the geek spirit they pursue in work and life. We learn from it and integrate it into our core spirit of our brand. Therefore, we keep this in mind and always focus on exploring and developing surprising new ways to protect and personalize your digital gears!

"Seeing us in tomtoc, curious, pure and fanatical."


Stick To Things That You Think Is Cool

We immersed ourselves in the design and wanted to solve the most challenging problem of laptop protection - the corners and bezels, which are of the highest accidental damage rate. Until we applied the curved corner protectors with flexible PE material to the four corners of the protective cover, tomtoc's first work - A13 series laptop sleeve with 360 degree protection was born. Until today, with further upgrades, it is even innovative, serving more laptops with greater protection.

In the second half of 2016, we first launched our masterpieces. Our A13 series was listed on the Best Seller list of Apple computer protective sleeves in the US during Christmas, and the BriefCase series won Amazon's Choice. In just a few months, tomtoc became the best-selling brand of laptop bags in North America.


Strive For Innovation Fun, out of the box

At the end of 2017, the gaming storage bags we designed for Nintendo Switch were born. As soon as the samples came out, we couldn't love them more ourselves. The slimmer and fitted protective cases as they are, are full of protective designs inside and out. We let go of playing with color matching and released 29 colors one after another. The ideas of Sailing Day and Summer on the Beach that are popular all over the world, came from just a moment of whimsy.

It once again surprised the market, and we were prized by industry media such as iMore, Wirecutter, NintendoSoup, Minority, and more. We came to a stage with an explosion of designing the most innovative and inspirational products. Except for the slimmest cases, we designed travel cases with better storage, controller cases for gaming consoles, and cases for better organizing with 100 game cards.

"It's boring to do what everyone is doing."


From Working On Our Own To Making It Stunning

When tomtoc became more people’s choice in digital gears’ protection, storage, and carrying, it took us a few years then to bring our backpacks to the world. With what we gained in designing neat and super protective products, we continued to apply the skills to design our Commuting Bag series. More partners joined our team. We incorporated more innovative scrutiny in aesthetics and conducted an in-depth exploration of every fabric, stitch, seam, and zipper - this contributed to an excellent and beautiful carrying experience.

"Every time I open tomtoc bag, I’m surprised, pleasantly." We enjoy making a surprise.

In 2019, the tomtoc iPad covers came to market and quickly made a name in Amazon. The original-designed dual-mode screen - vertical screen mode and horizontal screen mode made them once become tomtoc's most favored products.

In late 2020, we started to design and work for women’s bag lines. We believe that function and beauty shall co-exist even better. The philosophy of the newly joined designer team for women's bag is simple - There are many products designed for ladies, yet not many people really understand them. And we want to be one that makes the tailored and best for them.


Welcome Your Being The 5000001st tomtocer

As of 2021, 5 million users have joined tomtoc community, which the founding team did not imagine back in 2016.

Today tomtoc has grown into a team of more than 100 people, and tomtoc's footprint expanded all over the world, with our online and offline sales channels in 20 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and 10 more e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. We have offices in Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Germany, Shenzhen, and other cities.

We love what we're doing and we devote ourselves to making tomtoc the world's leading brand of digital gear protection and storage solutions. Combined with engineered design, top-quality suppliers, responsible manufacturers, and top-notch customer service, we offered and keep offering enjoyable user experiences to our customers.


As A Part Of 7 Billion People What Can We Do For Earth

With limited resources and ever-increasing consumption, a sustainable lifestyle is our concern. What can tomtoc really do for it?

In 2020, tomtoc launched the upgraded Recycled Collection - the best-selling laptop sleeve series - A13 and A42 lines have been both upgraded with RPET (recycled polyethylene tetraphyte). Naturally attached with a smoother touching and good mechanical properties, the new version leads us to explore the path of beauty in environmental sustainability.

As of August 2021, the tomtoc Recycled Collection series of laptop sleeves have helped digest about 1,696,085 recycled plastic bottles. During the production process, about 427,413421 tons of carbon emissions were reduced.

So far, tomtoc eco-friendly series laptop sleeves have welcomed more members to tomtoc community. Say hello to tomtoc now!


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