Can I Wash Laptop Sleeves?How do I Clean them?

Can I Wash Laptop Sleeves?How do I Clean them?

It is not recommended that you wash the laptop sleeve in the washing machine, as there is a waterproof coating on the sleeve surface. The waterproof coating gets easily damaged by the washing machine or by hand wash. Please Brush with a small brush/toothbrush with a SWIPE multi-purpose cleaner.

Treatment ways under certain circumstances:

  1. Treatment of oil stains: When cleaning the computer bag stained with oil stains, you can use detergent to scrub the oil stains. Slightly brush with detergent if it is not black, red, and other dark-colored fabrics.
  2. Treatment of ballpoint handwriting: (a). Treat with 95% alcohol for ballpoint handwriting on colored fabric. (b). Use Amway or some egg white on the handwriting without water, and leave it for 5 minutes before washing.
  3. Treatment method of fabric fading (except for black fabric): First, soak it in concentrated salt water for one minute, and then change to the clean water and use soapy water to soft brush evenly and lightly.

Kindly note that the laptop sleeve must be dried in the shade or the air, and not exposed to direct sunlight. When drying, it is best to turn out the lining of the laptop sleeve, to prevent the surface of the computer sleeve from being damaged during the drying process.

Last and not least, do not soak the laptop sleeve with leather; Avoid sun exposure and remove the detachable accessories before washing.