Discover the Perfect tomtoc Nintendo Switch Bags for Every Adventure

Discover the Perfect tomtoc Nintendo Switch Bags for Every Adventure

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Why Do You Need a Quality Nintendo Switch Bag?

For Nintendo Switch fans, protecting your console while on the go is as important as completing your missions and hitting that high score. Whether commuting, traveling to a different city, hanging out with high school friends, or stopping by a nearby coffee shop, having a reliable case for your device ensures it is safe from scratches, accidental bumps, and potential damages.

Yes, we purchase our goods for their functionality, but what if you also need to consider other factors such as durability, storage capacity, comfort, ergonomics, and style? Investing in a high-quality bag means you can enjoy playing games without worrying about your console’s safety and security. Let’s explore some top options available from tomtoc that perfectly balance practicality and aesthetics.


  1. Tomtoc Slim Protective Carrying Case With 10 Game Cartridges - Nintendo Switch & Oled Model

Designed specifically to fit the curve of the Nintendo Switch console, this sleek and slim case offers impeccable construction and has become the thinnest case you can ever find. This is a perfect carrying case, awarded by Wirecutter and winning the iMore Choice. It also offers the best all-around carrying experience and is compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and OLED models.

Eye-catching, breathable, and stunningly vibrant color transitions are being added to complement your taste, mood, outfit of the day, and destination. This case is crafted from water-repellent and durable EVA hard shell materials. Having passed the Military Standard Drop Test, this case provides maximum protection for your Switch against drops, bumps, and scratches that might happen on the go.

The tomtoc Slim Protective Carrying Case also features a well-designed buckle, adjustable wrist strap or carrying handle, top-notch YKK zippers, 10 game card slots, blank handwritten cards, and exquisite interior details.

Ideal Time to Use: This case is perfect for both casual outings and extensive travel. Whether you're visiting a friend’s house, hanging out at a café, or traveling abroad, this case ensures your Switch stays safe and sound.

Colors: Available in Galaxy, Black, White, Gray, Matcha Green, Cherry Blossom, Turquoise, Iris Purple, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Ink Blue, Red White, Pink Puff, Magic Black, and Neon Green.

  1. Tomtoc Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

If you want a Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED travel carrying case that can accommodate your console and pro controller, then you have come to the right place. This carrying case offers robust protection with a splash of style and color. It is designed to perfectly fit your Nintendo Switch OLED, ensuring a snug and secure hold.

Made from military-grade materials, this case features a hard EVA shell to protect your Switch from bumps and drops. Its soft interior lining avoids scratches on the device. The case also includes premium-quality YKK zippers for smooth, reliable action.

Additionally, the Switch case has a built-in panel that can be used as a play stand and enables you to enjoy non-stop game time even while charging. It has a volume hole on the board, enhancing sound effects and heat dissipation.

The case also has a built-in compartment with 24 game cartridges, holding your games securely in place and allowing you to take them wherever you go. The top handle enables you to carry your console and accessories conveniently, making it more portable and travel-friendly.

Ideal Time to Use: Perfect for traveling, whether you're on a long road trip or flying abroad.

Colors: Comes in Red, Gray, and Black.



  1. Tomtoc Arccos Series Carrying Bag for Nintendo Switch and OLED Model

The Arccos series is designed for serious gamers who need to carry more than just their beloved console. The tomtoc Arccos Series Carrying Bag breaks the shackles of hard cases, offering ample space for your Switch, accessories, and even personal items.

This bag is made of 840D splash-resistant polyester material and equipped with top-quality YKK zippers, making it highly portable and durable. The interior is set with soft fleece and thick padding, protecting the Switch OLED, Original Switch, or Switch Lite screen from scratches. It also prevents the joysticks from being pressed.

The lightweight and space-saving design makes it the ideal Switch case, also featuring a cool street-like minimalist style. The removable cardboard can house 20 game cards for easy collection, while the hand strap at the bottom makes it comfortable to carry around while on a weekend stroll. The small back pocket also allows you to keep small accessories in order.

Ideal Time to Use: The tomtoc Arccos Series Carrying Bag for Nintendo Switch and OLED Model is ideal for long travel or gaming events, ensuring you have everything you need in one place.

Colors: Available in a sleek black color.


With tomtoc Nintendo Switch cases, your gaming experience is enhanced with unbelievable protection, durability, and style. Each product is specially designed to meet the highest standards, giving you the power to do anything both in the gaming world and in reality.

No matter where you are, trust that your console is in good hands.

Upgrade your gaming experience with tomtoc. Explore our catalog to find the perfect bag or case for your Nintendo Switch, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior protection and incredible style.